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Hooting Owl Distillery

Mango & Passionfruit Gin

Mango & Passionfruit Gin

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ABV (% Vol.) 42.0

Bottle Size: 70 cL


A full strength (42% abv) distilled gin made using only natural, real fruit flavours and colourings, this gin is sugar-free so you only receive the very best mango & passionfruit taste.


Thoughtfully distilled to perfectly combine Hooting Owl Distillery’s unique small batch gin with the sweetness of ripe mango and the sharper notes of passionfruit. This juicy 'VIE' fruit gin delivers a carefully balanced flavour with citrus undertones, a tropical aroma and a vibrant natural colour. Sunshine in a bottle.


Savour on the rocks, solo or with a deluxe mixer of your choosing. Indulge in trying an invigorating gin infused with tropical fruits.

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