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Hooting Owl Distillery

Veterans Vodka

Veterans Vodka

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ABV (% Vol.) 48.0

Bottle Size: 70 cL


A premium small batch vodka, from grain that has been lovingly distilled in our bespoke vodka still, Anne. This vodka has been distilled 12 times producing a spirit of exceptional smoothness, with a clean delicate taste and smooth, creamy palette.


Bright and clear in the glass, markedly spirituous on the nose, indeed with hints of citrus and bread. Warm, rounded and smooth on the palate, with citrus segueing into a pleasing grassiness, marked on the finish. The finish is again rounded, warm, slightly sweet and smooth. Great for sipping over ice, this would also make a great vodka martini. We feel this is perfectly balanced and achieves its stated character amply.

Quite an overpowering ethanol hit but with a smoother palate . We felt that the quality of this vodka was excellent.

Clean and clear. A light, clean, grain aroma. A very smooth liquid with a creaminess and lovely spiced finish. Incredible character and very drinkable with a long finish.


This over proof spirit can be enjoyed neat over ice, with your preferred mixer or in your favourite cocktail or martini.

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