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Tipsy Toad

Cherry Bakewell Gin

Cherry Bakewell Gin

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ABV (% Vol.) 37.5

Bottle Size: 70 cL


The gin is sweet and nutty, with a rich cherry depth and twists of almond and vanilla. It’s great solo (on the rocks) or mixing with tonic waters, lemonades or using it as a base for cocktails.


The Major had developed his London Dry, but after enjoying afternoon tea with friends in Bakewell, an inspiration for a cherry Bakewell flavoured gin came to life.

Tipsy Toad spirits are based on the work of Major Farquhar St John Smythe; an eccentric character who had a military career and lots of experience travelling. It is said that he joined a secret band of craft distillers in the mid 1800s, and had illicit ways of distributing his spirits in the area.


The perfect choice for solo sipping on the rocks, or for elevating your tonic waters, lemonades, or cocktails. Enjoy a refined and indulgent drink experience with Cherry Bakewell Gin. Each sip offers a multi-layered and complex taste, ideal for savouring on its own or elevating any cocktail.

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