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Tipsy Toad

Botanical Vodka

Botanical Vodka

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ABV (% Vol.) 37.5

Bottle Size: 70 cL


This vodka is inspired by sunrise swims in the crystal-clear waters that Major Farquhar swam in on his travels. The vodka has been distilled with kelp Hawthorne berries, resulting in a smooth and fruity vodka.

The legend of the Tipsy Toad Botanical Vodka:

Whilst on his travels with his friend Sir Owlfred Tyton Hodgins, Major Farquhar would drink at the famous Saltersgate Inn on Whitby Road. It's rumoured that he would meet a 'friend' who had access to a large amount of vodka that was brought in by the 'Vodka Protests' of 1859. It's said that they would hide the vodka under barrels of kelp, heather and Hawthorne berries on the waggons.


Try drinking solo on ice, or you can mix with premium mixer. Get ready to level up your taste buds with Botanical Vodka! Sip it straight for a refreshing, crisp experience, or mix it up with your favourite premium mixer for a tantalizing twist. (Pro tip: Try it on the rocks for an extra chill vibe!)

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