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Hooting Owl Distillery

Graham Lee Racing Club Signature Gin

Graham Lee Racing Club Signature Gin

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ABV (% Vol.) 42.0

Bottle Size: 70 cL


Experience the timeless flavour of our Juniper-forward gin, expertly selected with the help of the Racing Club. A blend of Coriander Seed and Liquorice Root, complemented by Angelica Root. To enhance the taste, we've added Rowan and Mountain Ash berries for a dry finish.


Authentic gins, such as The Graham Lee Gin, begin their flavour journey with juniper. Accompanied by bitter orange and grapefruit's citrus flavour's, mountain ash's earthiness, and the sweetness of liquorice and cassia bark, our Signature Gin is then enhanced with spicy notes of cubeb and grains of paradise. The end product is a bold, flavourful, and velvety smooth gin.


Serve over ice with a slice of red grapefruit or orange for a fruit sensation. Alternatively, add a simple slice of cucumber for a refreshing clean taste. Serve with a high-quality Indian tonic.

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